Inspiration (where does it come from?)

Inspiration…..where does it come from?  Well, for the beginner guitarist, it can come from a broad range of sources.

Most musician’s are initially inspired by a relative, a friend or another musician.  My first reason for playing was because of my dad. Then, along came The Beatles and that was it. The British Invasion and all of that music encouraged me to play.  


Use Your Imagination

So what keeps this process going?   You are limited only by your imagination.

Uplifting events such as concerts, chance meetings or finding a new book can refresh your creative energy.

Belonging to a community, such as a musician’s forum, can be a great source of inspiration.  Check online and you will find forums where people post questions and someone provides answers, advice and support.  No matter what your specific interests may be, you can count on a large and varied group of people to give you a boost of confidence when you need it.

I was inspired to write this post because of the support I received from fellow members in my community.   

What Else Can You Do?

There are many things you can do to stimulate your creativity.

Check out your favourite musician(s) on You Tube.

Consult local entertainment listings in your community. There’s all kinds of music going on in coffee shops, restaurants, sports bars, and local eateries.  I was in a natural food store a few days ago that is hosting a concert by a well known band.

In the summer there are often musicians playing at your local farmer’s market.  Check out the summer festivals and participate in workshops.

Many establishments have an open mic night.  You may not get up there on your first time out, but guaranteed you will get something out of the experience.

These are all keys to knowledge, and when you have knowledge, you possess keys that will open doors for you.

Self Motivation

You can motivate yourself in many ways.   For instance, change your practice method.  If you’re having trouble learning something, set it aside for a day. You’ll come back to it with a fresh perspective.

Try to learn something new every week.  Experiment with different guitar tunings.  It’s remarkable how the sound of your guitar changes when it is tuned to a single chord.  This is a bit advanced for the beginner guitarist, but something to aim for.

It’s encouraging to see all that you have accomplished by the end of one month, then six months. Keep notes so that you can look back at what you knew a short time ago, compared to what you know now in the present.

Out of the Blue

Inspiration can come from out of nowhere (or now here).  If you are making an effort to get involved in your community, things will come your way, out of the blue.  Over time, you will meet people with similar interests and dreams.  Some of these people will do what they can to support and inspire you.

A Mistake Can Provide Inspiration?

Oddly enough making a mistake can take you to a place where inspiration is found.  The key here is to always try and keep in mind that things often happen for a reason.  You may not see what the reason is at first, but if you are patient and forge ahead, it may become clear to you.

Here is an example of this.  When I set up my first website I had a niche in mind so I searched for a domain name that matched the niche.  I found a name that related to my niche, I bought the name and set up my blog on my website.

After a short time I realized that I would not be able to do much with this niche so I changed my focus.  This new direction did work better and I was able to make progress, but then one day I realized that I had made a huge mistake.  My website name and description didn’t match what my blog was about.

At first I felt so stupid to have blundered so badly, but I reminded myself that things happen for a reason.  I knew that I wanted a website name that was more relevant to my niche.  I wanted to make sure that the new name was unique, so I added a word to my new domain name.  That word was a key that inspired many new ideas and I was energized to develop my blog under a great new name.

Buy a Guitar? – No Way!

This might sound a big strange, but there is another source of inspiration I’ve experienced.  That is the purchase of a new guitar.  Every time that I have bought a guitar I have experienced a renewal of creativity.   Everything sounds different and better than before.   The key strategy here is that you have to convince the significant people in your life that this purchase is totally necessary.

Please leave comments below so that I know how I’m doing.  Also, please ask questions if there is something that I could explain better.


13 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Hi Luthor
    My son (who just turned 4 years old) wanted a guitar for Christmas, and after consulting friends, we got him an ukulele so he can hold it properly. Because my boyfriend and I don’t play the guitar or ukulele, it’s hard to teach him to play. Do you have any good online course or YouTube videos for real beginners (like small kids) who are learning to play?

    1. Hi Ayako

      That was a good idea to give him a ukulele. At 4 years old his hands are pretty small, so with the small neck on the ukulele he can get his hand on the strings. I was in a local music store last week and I asked them about their approach to lessons. They told me that they had students as young as 5 years old. They said that at that age, they instructed one on one. They would show the child how to strum the guitar and how to play a few notes, then they would have him copy what they just did. They told me that a lot of patience was required because sometimes children that age have days when they aren’t interested.

      I’m not sure if a child as young as your son would follow a You Tube video. It’s possible that you and he could learn together. Why not consider getting another ukulele and make it a play thing where you play notes and have him copy you. Ukulele playing tends to be strumming simple combinations of chords which would be a good thing to know if a switch is made to guitar later on.

      I hope that this helps.


  2. Your website is very professional and easy to browse through and people that are into music will find this very helpful

  3. Hi.
    Even an old drummer can learn to play guitar… a bit. Great site my old buddy. Congrats on a job well done. Keep it up and Rock On!

  4. Great starting points to get going on any creative project. Thanks for the reminders on what can jog my inspiration. I find inspiration everywhere and sometimes just jotting down words and hashing it out on paper helps me to figure out what I’m really working on. In my experience, leaving an idea for a while and coming back to it also helps to define it. Letting it stew also helps me to discard the ideas that just aren’t working too.

    1. I agree. That’s what I do too. Sometimes you have to let your subconscious work on things. Thanks for your comments.


  5. Interesting and valuable site. Keep it up. I am sure beginner guitarists would appreciate having someone to ask if they are having problems or need guidance. Listening to all kinds of music and paying attention to what songs and sounds mean something to you personally is what inspires me.

    1. Hi Christie

      Thanks so much for your comments. You’re right. There are so many aspects of music that can inspire. They are endless.


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