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Learning to play an instrument, such as a guitar, takes a lot of practice and perseverance. Most beginner guitarists should consider taking lessons.  

Face to Face Lessons

Taking guitar lessons face to face with a professional instructor can be a good option for a guitar player learning to play.  In this setting your teacher can show you how to hold your guitar, how to position your hand on the neck of the guitar and how to hold your guitar pick.  A key point here is that your mentor can see what you’re doing and can correct issues right from the beginning as you start to play.

It’s the feedback that you will get from a live teacher that is most important.   A good instructor will notice imperfections in your technique and will show you how to improve.

Beginner Guitarist Lessons Online

There are many reasons why a beginner guitarist might choose to take lessons online:

The player may live outside of a town or a city, and has difficulty getting to a lesson clinic.

The student has tried face-to-face lessons and didn’t feel comfortable with the teacher. If a person lives in a small town, there may not be other options.

Some people prefer taking lessons from home at their own pace. The challenge here is to stay motivated and commit to a schedule. When you are self teaching you must be careful to listen to yourself and be critical.  Make sure that you’re playing the music correctly and strive to go beyond just copying what you hear.  The key point to consider here is self discipline.

Where do I Find Beginner Guitarist Lessons Online?

One option is to search for guitar blogs online. These sites have information about guitars and accessories and may also offer free trial lessons to get you started.

A second option are sites that are dedicated to providing just guitar lessons. These sites offer a broad range of lessons to choose from, usually starting from a free basic beginner guitarist level.

During beginner guitarist lessons an instructor will explain the parts of the guitar, how to properly tune your guitar, how to position your hands, and how to hold the guitar properly.  These types of lessons are designed to teach hand coordination, strumming with a pick, or moving from one chord position to another on the neck of your guitar.  On these sites the teaching videos are created by professionals and will be of good quality.

Instructors may teach a bit of theory, or how to strum a few chords, how to sing and play chords at the same time, or riff playing techniques. There are sites that offer the option of changing teachers if you are not connecting with your current mentor.  Usually at some point, you will have to sign up and pay for additional lessons.

Another option is to search You Tube videos for “beginner guitarist lessons”. These sites are free and may offer several videos to advance the student. Some of these sites are designed as an introduction to a website where more extensive lessons are offered.  One drawback is that these videos can be less refined, but I have found some videos where I really liked the vibe from the instructor.

What Should I Learn?

There are many opinions as to what a beginner guitarist should learn. Whatever the system is, it should be designed to get your hands and fingers moving on the strings.  Spend some time going through blogs, sites and You Tube videos until you find lessons that suit you.  Look for a website that offers as many keys to knowledge as possible.

Keys to Consider

The toughest thing to master is to coordinate one hand with the other.  It seems to be impossible at first, but with practice you will succeed.

When you first start playing, you need a teacher for some guidance. As you progress, you can choose what you want to learn.

Just start playing.  The directions you can go are infinite.  You may find a genre or a style that you had never considered.   Be inspired, stay inspired.

Reviews (Online Guitar Lesson Sites)

Please consider reviews of online sites dedicated to offering guitar lessons.

JamPlay (A review)

JamPlay is one of the best subscription-based sites online.  This site offers all of the lessons and resources that are important for a beginner guitarist.

Here is what is offered:

  • lots of HD-quality video content
  • excellent instructors
  • extensive choice of genres
  • lessons focused on specific techniques
  • tab sheets and accompanying material for all lessons
  • a beginner guitarist series for electric or acoustic guitar
  • a devoted community of students and teachers who interact through forums and live chats
  • a customer service group who will respond to any question
  • an extensive chord library

JamPlay’s Beginner Guitar System expertly guides the beginner guitarist from one step to the next. The player learns in a relaxed atmosphere at a pace comfortable to the student.  Each lesson is presented in an easy to understand format.   JamPlay has coupon codes for offers such as 10% off (33C6CE) any products (monthly, quarterly, yearly) or 25% (1BA1E2) off your first month of lessons.

Guitar Tricks (A review)

Guitar Tricks promotes their online lessons for beginner guitarists as easy, fast and fun.  Their Core Learning System is designed so that a beginner guitarist follows a step-by-step approach to learning how to play guitar.

Here is what is offered:

  • an extensive lesson library (over 11,000 lessons)
  • extensive song library (over 700 songs)
  • excellent instructors
  • lessons for all levels of skill

Guitar Tricks teach their students how to play their favourite songs.  Chord formations are simplified so that the beginner guitarist quickly masters chord changes and makes fast progress playing songs.

Please leave comments below so that I know how I’m doing.  Also, please ask questions if there is something that I could explain better.


6 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons

  1. Hey there! I just recently bought my electric guitar and amplifier. Now I’m finding a way to learn how to play it. I tried youtube but there are some things that I don’t understand. And I think that having a real teacher will help me learn faster than watching youtube. Thank you for sharing this information. I hope that I will be able to play electric guitar soon.

    1. Hey John

      I’m happy to hear that you’re starting to play. Face to face lessons are really the best way to start. Once you get more proficient you can look up things on You Tube and you will have a better understanding. You Tube is especially helpful if you want to learn a specific song or learn how to play certain parts.

      I will be posting an article where I discuss chords and the amazing things you can do with them. To a beginner guitarist this may seem foreign, but I present this as an inspirational idea. There are such things as open tunings or alternate tunings. Just a couple of the infinite things you can learn. To explain what I’m talking about check out a You Tube video of Alex Lifeson of the band Rush. He shows note for note how to play songs like Tom Sawyer.

      Good luck. Thanks for your comments


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