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The Story of a Guitar

My Guitar Journey

When the Lumineers band became popular, I was fascinated with the guitar that the lead singer Wesley Schulz was playing.  He plays either a Guild X-50, or T-50, archtop guitar. They are beat up looking guitars, but sound incredible.

About a year ago I began following a duo called Shovels and Rope. They use a Gibson ES-150 archtop that has a very raw sound.

I wanted one of those guitars but unfortunately both of them were way outside my budget.  Read more: The Story of a Guitar



Welcome to my blog Beginner Guitarist Keys.

Learning to play an instrument can be a frustrating experience. Often, a new player doesn’t know how to go about learning what he or she needs to know. What kind of guitar should I buy? What are these things called chords? Where do I find someone to give me guitar lessons?

Keys to Knowledge

In my pages and posts, you will find information which I will refer to as keys that you can use to learn about guitar playing.  I have reviews on guitars and accessories and where you can find them online.  I have set up links to good websites where guitar lessons are offered and links to sites where beginner guitarists can shop for guitars and amplifiers. I have also embedded videos where specific information is offered.

Playing the Guitar

Playing the guitar, or any other instrument, is a rewarding pastime.  It’s always a thrill to master a new technique or to discover a new sound on your guitar. The possibilities are infinite. Keys to knowledge are countless.  You never stop learning.  My goal is to provide resources that will help you to progress to levels you never believed possible

If you are a beginner guitarist, I hope that my blog will be helpful to you.

Here’s to keys.


If you are a beginner guitarist, and you would like to play your favourite songs, then it is key that you learn about chords and how they are structured. Most players play by ear, that is they listen and copy what they hear.  Some guitarists are able to find chords without knowing what they are, but most players will find their abilities are enhanced if they learn about chords.

Read more: Chords

How to Choose a Guitar (Comments)


Choosing a Guitar 

Ok, so obviously a beginner guitarist needs a guitar to play and there are many keys to consider when choosing your guitar.

Do You Want to Play Acoustic or Electric?

The choice between acoustic or electric depends on what you want to play.  When you play an acoustic guitar, you tend to play chords to accompany vocals, etc.  Do you plan to play classical music?   If so, you will need a specific type of guitar.   When you play electric guitar, you might be playing chords, or you could be playing leads or riffs.  If you purchase an electric guitar you’re going to need an amplifier, and in the future you will probably you want to add other guitar accessories such as pedals.

Read more: How to Choose a Guitar (Comments)

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars (Keys to Consider)

One key to consider when choosing an acoustic guitar is to take a look at established brand names such as Epiphone, Fender or Yamaha. These companies offer reasonably priced models that are ideal for the beginner guitarist. Well known brands have been around for a while and they apply their construction standards and quality to these entry level instruments.

Other keys to consider are the materials that are used to build the fingerboard and to construct the top of the guitar. These woods have some impact on how the guitar plays and how it sounds and definitely how it looks.  Read more: Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars (Keys to Consider)

The most well known electric guitars are Fender and Gibson.  You will find these guitars in the expensive section of a guitar store. These brands do have sub-brands which are ideally priced for beginner guitarists.  Fender offers the Squier brand and Gibson offers the Epiphone models.  There are other companies such as ESP, Ibanez and Jackson who also sell cheaper electric guitars.

The inexpensive versions of Fender Stratocasters or Gibson Les Pauls are manufactured in places like China, Japan or Mexico. Indonesia produces a lot of good guitars such as the Squier copies of vintage Fender guitars.  These guitars have the look, feel and sound of the real thing.  Read more: Electric Guitars

Amplifiers for Beginners (Comments & Reviews)


Amplifiers for Beginner Guitarists

If you’ve purchased an electric guitar you will need an amplifier. What are the keys  that the beginner guitarist should consider when purchasing an amp?

First of all, you should have a budget in mind and stick to it.   Don’t be tempted to spend money for extra features that you may not use.   It’s best to keep it simple. As you gain some experience with sounds, you will know which effects you like. Effects are devices that modify the tone, pitch or sound of an electric guitar.  Most beginner guitarists usually choose between clean sound or distortion.  This is standard on even a basic amplifier.

It’s a good idea to take your newly purchased guitar with you when you go shopping for your amp. Different guitars won’t sound the same in each amplifier.  Try out several amps in your price range and choose the one that sounds good to you.  Read more: Amplifiers for Beginners (Comments & Reviews)


Inspiration (where does it come from?)

Inspiration…..where does it come from?  Well, for the beginner guitarist, it can come from a broad range of sources.

Most musician’s are initially inspired by a relative, a friend or another musician.  My first reason for playing was because of my dad. Then, along came The Beatles and that was it. The British Invasion and all of that music encouraged me to play.  Read more: Inspiration