About Me

Beginner Guitarist Keys

Hello and welcome to beginnerguitaristkeys.com. My name is Luthor and I have been playing guitar for a very long time. When I first learned to play guitar there was no internet, and no online resources to use. That’s why I would like to share my experience and act as a guide to online resources that are available today.

I wanted the name of my website and my blog to accurately reflect that this site is dedicated to beginner guitarists.  I thought that the name was kind of generic so I added a word to make it unique, hence beginnerguitaristkeys.


The word keys can be used many ways.  In music, keys are a group of pitches or notes upon which a musical composition is created. These groups feature a root note such as “G” or “C” etc. and also its corresponding chords.  The chords in a given key are made up of combinations of notes that sound good together. We will explore keys and chords further in another post.

There are tuning keys on guitars.  Pianos have keys (I will try to use this somehow).  A friend of mine designed my logo which is a keyhole inside a guitar tuning key.  He used the word key in a way that would never have occurred to me.

There are many other ways to use the word or keys. Some would say that “when you possess knowledge, you have a key that unlocks doors”.  I consider all of the pieces of information I offer to be keys to knowledge.  I will refer to key points of interest in all of my posts.


Music has been important to me all of my life.  You can be a beginner guitarist at any age.  You can start when you are young and play for all of your life, or you can start when you’re older and play for the rest of your life. The great thing about music is that you can play by yourself or with band mates or members of your family.  There are countless sources of inspiration and you never stop learning. There is nothing more satisfying than to create music.

There are infinite opportunities online to learn how to play guitar. Some sites offer guitar lessons where someone can teach you whatever you want to learn. There are websites where you can shop for guitars and guitar accessories.  You can also find chords and lyrics for just about any song. When I learned to play guitar these options weren’t available to me.

So, I’ve got some keys to give away.  There are many doors to open.

Welcome to my blog.