Month: June 2017

The Story of a Guitar

My Guitar Journey

When the Lumineers band became popular, I was fascinated with the guitar that the lead singer Wesley Schulz was playing.  He plays either a Guild X-50, or T-50, archtop guitar. They are beat up looking guitars, but sound incredible.

About a year ago I began following a duo called Shovels and Rope. They use a Gibson ES-150 archtop that has a very raw sound.

I wanted one of those guitars but unfortunately both of them were way outside my budget.  Read more: The Story of a Guitar



Welcome to my blog Beginner Guitarist Keys.

Learning to play an instrument can be a frustrating experience. Often, a new player doesn’t know how to go about learning what he or she needs to know. What kind of guitar should I buy? What are these things called chords? Where do I find someone to give me guitar lessons?

Keys to Knowledge

In my pages and posts, you will find information which I will refer to as keys that you can use to learn about guitar playing.  I have reviews on guitars and accessories and where you can find them online.  I have set up links to good websites where guitar lessons are offered and links to sites where beginner guitarists can shop for guitars and amplifiers. I have also embedded videos where specific information is offered.

Playing the Guitar

Playing the guitar, or any other instrument, is a rewarding pastime.  It’s always a thrill to master a new technique or to discover a new sound on your guitar. The possibilities are infinite. Keys to knowledge are countless.  You never stop learning.  My goal is to provide resources that will help you to progress to levels you never believed possible

If you are a beginner guitarist, I hope that my blog will be helpful to you.

Here’s to keys.


If you are a beginner guitarist, and you would like to play your favourite songs, then it is key that you learn about chords and how they are structured. Most players play by ear, that is they listen and copy what they hear.  Some guitarists are able to find chords without knowing what they are, but most players will find their abilities are enhanced if they learn about chords.

Read more: Chords