Month: May 2017

How to Choose a Guitar (Comments)


Choosing a Guitar 

Ok, so obviously a beginner guitarist needs a guitar to play and there are many keys to consider when choosing your guitar.

Do You Want to Play Acoustic or Electric?

The choice between acoustic or electric depends on what you want to play.  When you play an acoustic guitar, you tend to play chords to accompany vocals, etc.  Do you plan to play classical music?   If so, you will need a specific type of guitar.   When you play electric guitar, you might be playing chords, or you could be playing leads or riffs.  If you purchase an electric guitar you’re going to need an amplifier, and in the future you will probably you want to add other guitar accessories such as pedals.

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Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars (Keys to Consider)

One key to consider when choosing an acoustic guitar is to take a look at established brand names such as Epiphone, Fender or Yamaha. These companies offer reasonably priced models that are ideal for the beginner guitarist. Well known brands have been around for a while and they apply their construction standards and quality to these entry level instruments.

Other keys to consider are the materials that are used to build the fingerboard and to construct the top of the guitar. These woods have some impact on how the guitar plays and how it sounds and definitely how it looks.  Read more: Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars (Keys to Consider)

The most well known electric guitars are Fender and Gibson.  You will find these guitars in the expensive section of a guitar store. These brands do have sub-brands which are ideally priced for beginner guitarists.  Fender offers the Squier brand and Gibson offers the Epiphone models.  There are other companies such as ESP, Ibanez and Jackson who also sell cheaper electric guitars.

The inexpensive versions of Fender Stratocasters or Gibson Les Pauls are manufactured in places like China, Japan or Mexico. Indonesia produces a lot of good guitars such as the Squier copies of vintage Fender guitars.  These guitars have the look, feel and sound of the real thing.  Read more: Electric Guitars